It is FACT no one, no country, no “government”, no “Health Agency” from any country or world organization can or will produce a scientifically verified Identified, Isolated, Reproducible Stand Alone sample of a “SARS-COV-02” “virus” said to cause the mythical “COVID-19” illness.

It is a fact these Experimental mRNA “gene therapy” Non Vaccine Killer Jabs which statistics prove are Killers.

It is a fact the whores of the “scientific” community tried to change the meaning of what constitutes a vaccine to fool people into lining up for the Rothschild’s Witches Brew Voodoo DNA altering Non Vaccine Killer Jabs.

In America it is proven Fact the USA/DC Corporation-

-paid bribes to school districts to force useless but physical/mentally harming Dust Mask onto children in a clear case of child abuse-

-as well as bribing Rothschild’s MSM outlets to push the killer jabs while covering up the disabilities and deaths caused by the killer jabs.

It is a fact the Killer Jabs are in violation of the Nuremberg Code against experimenting on humans except by a strict guideline of all side effects freely given subjects and the completely voluntarily acceptance of the dangers by the Human Lab Rat.
Also the Lab Rat must be able to walk away from the experiment at any time.
Once they have injected the death dart into you, it is just a matter of time before it disables/kills the human lab rat, and there is no know method of removing the death dart from the body.
It is just slow, sometimes fast death.

It is FACT violation of this code is a HANGING offense.

So when are Common Law Nuremberg Tribunals going to be convened world wide?

And the evil guilty bastards hanged?
School administrators, religious “leader” charlatans, doctors, nurses. Media talking heads, political whores, CEO’s of corporations which forced the death darts on employees?

Get er done!

The Ole Dog!

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