We kid you not! Kate Middleton descends from goat breeders

Know why the FAKE “royals” wear kilts?
Little children, sheep and goats can hear zippers!

Mossad Jeffery the Child Rape Pimp & his Mossad Child Rape Madam at the Fake “queens” hide out cabin

Necked child-escaping-from-Buckingham

Fake “prince” Wheres the little girls Andrew with his good buttie Mossad jeffery the child rape pimp.

Now having seen some of the British females I can sorta understand the sheep and goats looking more attractive, but lay off the little children!

I sure am glad Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were commoner bastards or these degenerate child, goat and sheep raping Fake “royals” would be my cousins!

I am also glad my ancestors came to America where the women are better looking than the goats and sheep!

Great-great Uncle type Richard the Lion Hearted said he would have sold London if he could have found anyone stupid enough to buy it!

‘The Horsemen Sat Overlooking Buckingham’

The Horsemen sat overlooking Buckingham-
Shaking their heads the world did not give a damn-

A parasite class of demon worshiping on the dole infestation-
Bunch of losers squatting in Buckingham, pedophilic lizards in gestation-

Were raping and murdering children generation in, generation out-
The wailing, the cries of the little ones, the death gurgle in a distorted shout-

The stench of innocent spilled blood has offended the nostrils of the gods above-
The perversions of the pedophile Fake royal gentuza, they have the audacity to call love-

Earth shaker said to Famine and Disease-
We really should sink this sorry little island into the cleansing seas-

A people who would condone such evil, such darkness, such sorrow and have such disdain-
For the true teachings of the Christ who said children should not be brought such pain-

He said chain a big rock around a pedophiles neck and send em to the deep end with one well aimed hit-
He said it would have been better if such baby raping scum had not been born, after cooling down a bit

Yet in merry ole, the children cower in dark rooms abused to death, items of common lizards deceit.
The lucky ones climb necked out of Buckingham windows on ripped/tied together bed of child rape sheets-

The horseman placed the curse upon the baby raping land-
Which would bring sorrow to every woman and man-

Who did not speak out against the evil in their midst, a testament to the sorrow of abused children-
They along with the baby rapers, the enablers to the Horsemen’s Hel they would send-

In Hel there are no children to rape, murder and brag-
About their exploits to the Fake queen common lizard sea hag-

The Ole Dog!

We kid you not! Kate Middleton descends from goat breeders

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