Queen leaves Buckingham Palace for good

The ole German Cow commoner frog pretending to be “royal” has been squatting at Buckingham on public assistance all her misbegotten life.

Necked child-escaping-from-Buckingham

Now that her favorite child victim has escaped Buckingham, she has just lost interest in the place.

Here the FAKE “royal” (BOTH Edward the 4th & Richard the 3ed were commoner Bastrds not sired by Royal Fathers Making this Pedoist ole German Cow a Fake monarch, a Fake “royal” and a Bad Joke) seen at a family reunion.

The Fake “queen” looks in a mirror.

Here the Fake “queenie” and a Pedoist Roman Church official talk shop on Kiddy Favors.

The BBC “presenter” who raped dead people, farm animals, children and provided children for the British “elites” to rape and murder with his Best Buttie No Chin Charlie who was so busy with kids Lady Di had to have an affair to get some sex.

As a result she got knocked up by a British army soldier with Big Pie Hole Harry.

When Di ditched the looser Fake “royals” she mysteriously had a car crash which killed her.

Can not use the same technique to eliminate too many.
People might get suspicious.

Fake “prince” Wheres the little girls Andrew seen pictured with one of his underage rape victims who he has now paid around 12 million dollars in damages.

Top: The now dead Phillip seated eating Child Pie, with which the Fake “queenie” made ten indigenous children from a school in Canada disappear to never be seen again in the early 1960s.

Middle: Fake “queenie” enjoying Child Pie in hide away cabin from which children screams can not be heard.

Lower: Now dead suicided Mossad Jeffery the Child Rape Pimp with his Mossad Madam hanging out at the Fake “queen’s” hide out cabin.

Hands Biden Farting in front of the Butt Ugly Consort of the Fake “prince” No Chin Charlie.

‘Gotta Do Something With White Trash Pedoist’

Gatta do something with white trash Pedoist-
Best keep em locked up in the Buckingham abyss-

Theres already a wall around the hell on earth for children-
Guards need to turn their weapons from outward to point in-

Contain the disease, do not let it out to spread-
Allow no child inside to be traumatized on a child rape bed!

The Ole Dog!


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