‘Haha! He Pissed Himself’: Cops Beat the Hell Out of Innocent Mentally Disabled Man, Laugh as He’s Sent to ICU

And the “WE BACK THE BLUE” groupies all had sexual orgasms! Americans do not live in a free country. They live under Communism Lite thinly disguised as a “constitutional republic”. The Germans in WW 2 did less war crimes and crimes against civilians than Russia, USA and Britain, but that don’t make them innocent. The […]

Queen leaves Buckingham Palace for good

The ole German Cow commoner frog pretending to be “royal” has been squatting at Buckingham on public assistance all her misbegotten life. Now that her favorite child victim has escaped Buckingham, she has just lost interest in the place. Here the FAKE “royal” (BOTH Edward the 4th & Richard the 3ed were commoner Bastrds not […]

Fox News & Newsmax Took Biden Money To Push Deadly “COVID” NON VACCINE mRNA EXPERIMENTAL Killer JABS To Its Viewers

Basically any ass hole who pushed the Killer Jabs was violating the Nuremberg Code against experimenting on Humans and needs to hang. Anyone who took the 30 Shekels to push the Euthanasia Killer Jabs, hanging is too good for. May I suggest something more appropriate. Or: But I prefer the bellowing bull. Slower. The Ole […]