Trying to Save Republics From the Evil and Greed of Corrupt Rich Elites Is DEADLY


One of my great grandfather types is Julius Caesar.

The other day as I was leaving for a yearly check up appointment with a dermatologist I picked up a book I am reading of the Holocaust of the Cather Christians in the 12th and 13th centuries by the little boy raping Vatican to take along to the waiting room.

The wife said, “Did you buy another book”!
I answered, this is one of a few thousand I have, no it is not new.
I read.
I research.
I dig for the truth.

Thus I know most of the bull shit presented as “fact” or “history” about Julis is bull shit written by the guilty to try to cover their crimes.
Regurgitated again and again by “historians” who are either allied with the evil or just too stupid and lazy to do their own research.

He violated Roman law, crossing the Rubicon with his legions, taking over the senate of Rome because it was so corrupt he saw reform must be FORCED on the privileged corrupt filthy rich “elite” or the Republic was done.

The Elite of Rome were sucking the wealth out of conquered territories and peoples without putting anything back to sustain the rule of Rome, to keep the faltering republic alive.

He gave Roman citizenship to conquered peoples who proved their loyalty.

He lowered taxes, made laws against extravagance by the rich, gave rights to the common man.
He gave land to disabled or old soldiers who had served Rome all their lives in the Legions and when disabled or too old were thrown begging on the streets by the elites.

He lowered the taxes of the Judeans, removed many of the more oppressive laws on them, allowed them to again openly worship their own god.

So the rich corrupt elites murdered him.
When they murdered him they killed the last hope of the Republic.

Julius did not found the Roman Empire.
He was trying to save the Republic with social reforms.
The rich elites founded the Roman Empire when they murdered the Patriot trying to curb their greed, corruption and perversions which was destroying the Republic.

At his funeral, soldiers threw their weapons on the funeral pyre, women threw their robes and jewelry onto it.
Judeans openly wept.

The common people rushed to the houses of those who had murdered him to take revenge, but the cowards much like Justin Turd-o persecuting Canada seeing the writing on the wall had run with their tails tucked between their legs into hiding.

Years before when his engineers built a bridge across the Rhine River so he could cross over and kick butt on the other side, he stopped on the bridge in the middle and pissed in the Rhine to mark his territory.

Close to two thousand years later, a great-great type grandson stopped in the middle of a bridge over the Rhine his engineers had built so he could get to the other side, kick ass stopped in the middle of the bridge, pissed in the Rhine upholding family tradition and marking his territory.

George, a first cousin to George Washington was trying to stop red Russian Khazarian Zionism/Communism from taking over America, defend what was left of the idea of an American Republic, stop the Rothschild’s preplanned Cold War.
So USA murdered him.
If the perverted corrupted rich “elites” had not murdered him, there would have been no Cold War with Americans dying in preplanned Korean and Viet Nam Wars.
No Israel and USA attacking America at New York on 11 September 2001 Holocausting 3,000 Americans.
No Americans dying in bull shit 20 years of wars based on false flags and lies which followed.
No Faked “Corvid-19” Scamdmic killing family owned businesses and abusing children with forced masking, no forcing Euthanasia Killer Jabs on Americans.

Standing against evil “elites” in “government” and telling the truth is very dangerous to staying alive.
Ask Jesus the Christ about that some time.

The Ole Dog!

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