As for calling the “COVID-19” “Emergency “over so the Demophiles can get reelected, Mass Murder and Experimenting on humans in violation of the Nuremberg Code is a Hanging offense.

Religious charlatans who pushed the killer jabs, communist lockdowns and forced masking, MSM whores, School administrators, doctors, nurses, cops who busted heads of those who demanded their rights and freedoms, political whores, social platform operators, Corporate business owners/operators who forced Euthanasia jabs on workers, ALL MUST HANG!

As for the whole freight train load of pure lies and made up battles, civilian atrocities, cities leveled, nuclear power plants blown up bull shit being told about the tiny dust up between Russia and Ukraine.

I can tell you personally when upon occasion during Desert Shield/Storm when my ass was in the sand, I got to a place which had a television running CNN, the “war” they were reporting sure as hell was not the one I was living.

USA “government” lies were used to whip the American people into a war frenzy to begin with.
Hell, Saddam who was the CIA’s boy, went to the State Department, asked US permission to invade Kuwait and thought he got permission from the US to go ahead.

Course soon as he did the US which needed a war started screaming like a gang raped vestal virgin.

The Tap Dance

The newsman said, President Bush, what is the rush?
You tell us noble is the day,
We must save the world you say,
Would it still be worth it if to war your sons must go?

President Bush looked high, and then low,
He swelled with pride, he gave a speech,
He spoke of plateaus we must reach,
He waved the flag, and talked of love,
And said we were supported by God above.

When the speech was over and done,
I wanted to salute, and grab my gun,
But although he did not put it in so many words,
His message i strongly heard.

No!, Send them i won’t,
Endanger them you don’t,
You are peons, I thought you knew,
MY sons are better than you.

The Ole Dog!



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