When Empires Die, Life and Sex Are Both Sold Cheap

Some folks swallowed the Roman slave religion BS of one life, up or down.

More people all over the world understand at least rudimentarily reincarnation, but are not real sure how it works, who they have been or where they lived in other times.

A handful, a very small percentage of those alive at any given time understand reincarnation to a greater extent.
A very small percentage of of these know who they have been, where they were and what they did.

A handful of people study history beyond the usual mixture of a bit of truth mixed with a lot of bull shit fed the masses.
Those who have lived through the collapse of many empires and kingdoms, who are in touch with themselves in former lives to one degree or the other and study lots of history not found in popular culture, knows what is facing the world at the moment.

Some places will worse than others.
The USA is not a country, it is not a nation, it is an empire which was taken over by a world wide empire of evil.

This is my fourth life as an American so I am primarily concerned with America in the coming death of the empire.

Births and deaths of empires tend to follow a close blueprint.
As it has been noted:
“History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes”.

Technological advances, different locations, different customs of the people involved will ensure no two collapses are quite the same, but they will be damn close.
Close enough one who has lived through many and is in touch with their former lives will see it coming.

By the time I was in 17 or 18 years old I was warning people the USA could not keep borrowing and spending like a drunken sailor in a titty bar with a hand full of credit cards.
I explained DC would in the end either have to outright default on their debt, which would wipe out the savings of the middle class along with the middle class, or hyper inflate the currency to the point where maybe a penny on the dollar in actual purchasing power would be paid back, which would be a default by another method which would also wipe out the savings of the middle class as well as the middle class.

The sheep told me I was crazy because the political prostitutes in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac told them the party went on for ever and the road never ends.

Back then gas was about .50 cents a gallon, a hamburger was about .70 cents, a new car would run between $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 for the vanilla models.

Filled your tank up lately?
$75.00 to $80.00.
A regular hamburger will run from $5.00 up.
Last new vehicle I bought was around $45,000.00.

And you ain’t seen shit yet.

When a people turn their backs on morality, lose their work ethic, accept war as a way of life to keep the economy going, put their hands out to the public purse holder for everything they can get, start debasing their currency robbing Peter to pay Paul, they are heading for collapse.

While I was in the Navy they instated an acceptance of homosexuality with an “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy.
Today the Navy has a tranny “admiral”.

Pedophilia has been rampant in DC for generations.
One recent “First Lady” had a dick, another was a failed porno actress with photos of her making out with another women circulating on the web.

Rome did not have shit on DC even in it’s peak of corruption and perversion.

Those who understand empires dying know one should get out of the currency of the empire and hold physical gold, silver, tools, a store of food and weapons to kill the hell out of all the dumb asses who try to rape/murder you and yours, take your stuff because they were too blind and stupid to get ready for what was coming themselves.

Most people today MAY have a two to three day supply of food in their house.
Most have no gold our silver.
Many have no weapons.
Many of the ones who have weapons don’t know how to use them.

When the bottom falls out it always catches the herd unaware.
Then the herd panics.

Most young people of today have no real skills.
Most don’t know how to garden, can food, repair much of anything.

When all they really have is their ass hole or sex organs and they are hungry, well sex will be damn cheap.
Supply and demand.
When everyone is selling the same product, the price is suppressed.
The old, fat and ugly ones will simply be trying to sell with no buyers.

Late in the game but one might have a few weeks or at most, a few months to get ready.

Here are some articles you might like to read if you are starting to get an uneasy feeling looking at the world around you.

Gold and Silver: There Are No Sellers Left

Fertilizer Crisis About to Become a Food Crisis

The fake Scamdemic has been used by evil asses who are trying to crash the economies world wide so they can force a one world communistic unelected dictatorship on humanity, to keep crops from being planed, kill off food animals claiming “COVID” in food animals, shut down supply lines, food processing plants.

Communist “Lockdowns have been used to drain savings and bank accounts, kill jobs, kill non corporation family and small business.

Killer jabs have been used to cull the herd of old folks who when dead will not need their pensions any longer as the “governments” long ago blew what was supposed to be set aside for that purpose.

The evil F##Ks do not think they need but about five hundred million slaves so they are trying to kill off a huge amount of the “useless food eaters” as they call the common people, so they will not have to feed them.

The lies of a “COVID “pandemic” and the lies of the “safety” of the “vaccines” is falling apart.
The mask have proved to be useless for their stated purpose.

The humans were getting fed up and starting to fight back.
Then magically, theres a war to take everyones attention off of hanging the ass holes who have been killing off humans with their killer jabs and faked Scamdemic!

Under cover of the “war” news, masking, lockdowns, killer jab “passport requirements are being done away with with the “elites ” and their whores in the MSM and “governments” betting on most sheep’s memories being shorter than their dicks.

Mayor Adams Announces End Of NYC’s Controversial Vaccine Passport Rule

“Pandora’s Box Of Harms”: How Public Health Erred On Side Of Catastrophe

This shit was not a “mistake”, this was war against humans, illegal experimentations violating the Nuremberg Code, a hanging offense!

California Drops School Mask Mandate, Will Allow Unvaccinated To Unmask Indoors

The “elites” and political whores have been running around getting caught partying without mask while forcing them on everyone else.

House Abandons Mask Mandate Just In Time For Biden’s State Of The Union

They lie to you about one thing, they will lie about another.

It is time to look to the welfare and safety of your own family, secure your own perimeter, provide for your own future.

If your faith is in the politicians you voted for who sweet talk you for your vote, promise the road goes on forever and the party never ends, well, I would stock up on personal lubricants.
When sex sells that damn cheap, got to do a booming business to make very little.
The lubrication might keep the bleeding and scabs to a minimum.

The Ole Dog!

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