This rock is a school.

Ignorant sheep see this rock as something very special, as the center of the universe.
Very-very ignorant sheep believe there is no “intelligent” life but the human sheep on this rock anywhere in the whole universe.

Thats not even stupid enough for the sheep.
Many charlatan religious bible thumpers insist while the human sheep have souls, other animals are just soul-less beings put here to be used anyway the human sheep find advantageous.

They overlook the FACT the human sheep is an animal itself.

The human sheep wrote themselves a “creation story” in which the human animal is created in the image of God.
Being very ignorant the human sheep takes that to mean God is a man like creature with a magic wand and ESP.
A Human like being who can do magic tricks and knows everything.

It is the belief of many of the egotistical primitive species animals that if God did not have humans to worry about, do tricks for each time they “pray”, God might just cease to exist!

There is Knowledge.
There is Understanding.
There is Wisdom.

Anyone who searches diligently can obtain Knowledge.
One has to develop a bull shit meter to weed out the huge amount of bullshit mixed up with the tiny jews of truth, but anyone who wants knowledge can get it.

But knowledge without understanding is not only useless, it is dangerous.
The Rothschilds, the Vatican, those they scheme with against humanity have knowledge.
They have sought it out to hide it from the rest of humanity for thousands of years.
They are using the hidden knowledge to make war on God and Humanity.

But they do not UNDERSTAND what the words of the knowledge they hide from humanity truly means.
Without Understanding to gain Wisdom, the words they read, reread again and again can never show their true meaning to them.

They are stuck in primitive think and will not pay the price to move beyond that point.
So they can never listen to the words explain the truth of the words.

Take a primitive man or woman from say the rainforest.
A tribesman who has never seen a city, has never seen a small frontier town.
All he has experienced is the day to day life of a hunter/gatherer surrounded by things which might eat him if he don’t eat them first.
In his native surroundings, set him down, start explaining to him skyscrapers, the golden gate bridge, neon lights, television, jet airplanes, trains, cars, New York city.

He will paint a picture in his mind from the words you give him, but it will be a false picture having nothing to do with reality.
He has never seen what is being explained to him, thus he can not draw a true picture in his mind of the things you tell him.
They are only words.

You have given him knowledge, but he has no understanding of the Knowledge you have given him.
He certainly without the understanding of what the words mean can not have the wisdom to know what to do with the knowledge you have given him.

Understanding must come from God.
Understanding is not free.

There is a heavy price to be paid for understanding.
First one must humble themselves before God.
One must stop trying to be God.
One must admit their vast sea of ignorance, beg for understanding.
If one is willing to pay the price, humbles themselves, begs for understanding, it will start to come.
Not all at once.
If it were handed to one all at once, it would blow their fuses, trip their breakers.
One would be left a drooling creature staring blankly out into space.

Once one has Understanding of what the words mean, one can start the process of searching out the Wisdom to know what to do with the Understanding of the Knowledge.
All of this comes at a high price.

Once one has seen beyond the trees and rivers of that secluded rainforest, one can never go back to the seeming security of a very small simple world.
Don’t run into the trees, don’t stand on the down wind side when they fall and eat everything else before it eats you.

Once one has moved beyond the illusion of this rock is the center of the Universe, God exist to serve humans, and humans are god, one can never return to that illusion.
Having see a glimpse of the greater world, the vast universe outside that illusion, one can never reenter that illusion.

As most human sheep will remain in that illusion life after life, by begging for understanding and wisdom, you have made yourself an outsider.
One the herd fears.
The herd always fears that which it does not understand.

But once one moves beyond that illusion, one begins to realize the relative insignificance of this school house rock and the sheep humans.
How many schools exist out there?
How many worlds scattered across the vast universe the “human gods” can not even see the beginning or the end of?

Look at this school house rock as grades one through twelve.
In grade one the teachers receive six year olds who’s parents think they should never be paddled or punished because they are such darlings.
A bunch of ignorant brats who have always been allowed to do any damn thing they please, any time they wanted to.

The teachers spend a year taking the rough edges off and getting a bit of elementary knowledge into their skulls.

The ones who get it, meet the goals go to second grade.
There are always those who have to repeat first grade having either refused to learn or being incapable of learning as fast as most.

In second grade, a bit more discipline is required of the little darlings, a bit more complicated knowledge is pounded into their skulls.
Again, those who meet expectations move on to third grade, the failures to achieve do second grade again.

Third grade, fourth grade, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth.

At this point, those who successfully met the expectations of elementary and jr. high schools are promoted to high school, grades nine through twelve.

Some are retained in eighth grade for another try.
Some are deemed unable to learn at the standard pace or unable or unwilling to conform to societies expectation of keep your hands to yourself, don’t hit, bite or cuss/make fun of the other students.

These at this point are sent to reform schools and special ed schools.

Once into High School, the process continues through ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades.

Those who successfully complete twelfth grade then go to different futures.
Some have no interest in continuing the school process and go forth to find their place in this world.
Some marry and become mothers and fathers.
Of these, at least one and often both toil to provide for their offspring.
Some go forth alone to find a job so they can have a roof and food.

Some decide thats enough and spend the rest of their life trying to scam the system and live off of others.

A much smaller percentage enter the halls of higher learning.
Colleges, universities, trade schools.

And down in first grade, they are receiving a whole new batch of little darlings who don’t know shit, pee their pants, eat their burgers and make too much noise.

So it is with this world.
It is a school.
The rules were laid down by much more intelligent beings at a much higher pay grade than me.
I am not authorized to change the rules to suit the sheep humans.
After searching for understanding, the wisdom to know what to do with the understanding, I do not want to mess with God’s plan for this school.

When one begs to understand the rules, the answers one gets is not always what one wants.
When a group of human sheep learn to live in peace and harmony on this rock with out wars, without evil, without spending their time talking advantage of each other, them they have learned all this school house rock has to offer and their souls will go forth into the larger universe to find their place in it.
They will be assigned jobs in other worlds, other dimensions.
Some will continue on to schools which further teach those with a desire to understand the wider universe they have graduated to.

And back on this rock, school starts again with the left overs, the rejects, and a new batch of ignorant noisy undisciplined primitive souls who need to learn knowledge so they can understand that knowledge, so they can obtain wisdom to become part of that vast universe out there the sheep humans gaze at in wonder.

Sorry, lasting peace, no wars, everyone having complete freedom, no one taking advantage of anyone else, no pain, no suffering, Utopia simply does not exist on this rock.
If that angers you, if you think it should be different, don’t argue with me, I can not make any changes.
Thats above my pay grade.

Go argue with God.
But take it from one who has argued with God strongly, loudly, persistently and stubbornly. God always wins.

The Ole Dog!


  1. Tracy-lee says:

    I loved this John thank you. I enjoyed the Jesus story as well about him being married to Mary. I’ve things but I never really knew. I still get confused about what is true about the bible and what isn’t. Personally you have opened my eyes with many things and I appreciate it.
    Thank you John. Much love from Tracy-Lee from Australia

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