Ukraine Never Stood a Chance of Defeating the Russian Military, All This Death and Destruction is Futile

“They are facing bloody street-to-street fighting with armed civilians as Ukraine’s forces began handing out tens of thousands of rifles to whoever was willing to take one along with Molotov cocktails – encouraging people to make their own and hurl them at ‘the occupiers’.”

USA overthrows duly elected Ukrainian government, installs puppet “government” USA uses to screw with Russia for 8 years, all the while having the illegitimate puppet “government” mass murder and persecute ethnic Russians living inside Ukraine.

Russia is putting an end to this.
If there is anyone who did not understand the Ukrainian military would be at most a speed bump for the Russian military, they were a dumb ass and fools.

Once Russia started their campaign and the Ukrainian puppet government saw USA, NATO and EU countries had no plans to loose even one of their military personal defending Ukraine as they had spent 8 years insinuating they would defend Ukraine if Russia reacted to Ukraine’s crimes against Russia and ethnic Russians, if the “leaders” of Ukraine had gave a flying trapeze about the Ukrainian people, they would have sued for peace, made the best face saving diplomatic deal with Russia they could have and spared Ukraine the destruction and deaths which are now happening.

Knowing they can not win, but trying to put off the individual justice which is coming for each of the ring leader puppet “government” minions, they are begging children and grandmothers to take to the streets as cannon fodder to buy the cowardly evil sons of bitches a little more time while they pray to a God they through over their shoulder in their youth, to pull a miracle out to save their evil worthless cowardly asses.

When the USA illegally invaded the confederacy in 1861, gang raped children to death, burned grandpa and grandmas to death in their own homes, burned churches, gang raped ministers daughters, burned colleges, hospitals, farm houses, out houses, courthouses, leveled whole cities filled with women, children, old men with siege cannons, stole everything not nailed down or they could pry up, the Southern man took up arms and fought valiantly for four years in defense of his homeland and families from the USA terrorist.

They were led in the field by General Robert E Lee.

When general Lee saw all was lost, the Southern soldier was starving, throwing rocks at charging bayonets as they had no powder and shot left, marching barefoot with bleeding feed, General Lee sucked it up and surrendered the army.
He understood he could hold out a while longer, but he could not win.
And all the time he held out, good men would die standing there fighting with rocks, naughty words and little else.
All the time the USA terrorist “soldiers” would still be gang raping children to death, mass murdering the Southern civilian population, destroying what was left of buildings and businesses in the South.

Jefferson Davis the president of the Confederacy, who I have always thought used too much starch in his underwear, cursed and badmouthed Lee for surrendering.

Lee saved lives, saved his people more death, more destruction.
Davis wanted to fight to the last Southerner.

If he had, the South still would not have prevailed, the cause was lost long before Lee finally surrendered.

If all these people in the NATO, EU, USA who are howling about the destruction in Ukraine had not caused it, it would not be happening.
Now that it has, if they used their voices to cause their puppet “government” in Ukraine to Surrender, they could stop the death and destruction.
If the Criminals of the Puppet “government” would surrender a war they can not win, they could save their people more death and destruction.

The USA/NATO/EU and their trained monkeys in Ukraine caused this to happen.
Now they need to put their big girl panties on, surrender a hopeless cause and put a stop to the death and destruction they themselves have caused.

The Ole Dog!

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