A Revolution In Blood Without The People Having A Revolution of Understanding In Their Minds is Just Pissing Into The Wind

Take the French Revolution. Things were shitty for the common French man and women. They did not have many rights. Some people stirred them up to start a revolution. They started chopping off the heads of the government officials who had been abusing them. Then they all saw a chance to get even with anyone […]

Who’s Got The Gold?

“He who has the gold, makes the rules”. In 1933 the Usury banker’s bitch Communist FDR stole American’s gold and took the USA’s money off the gold standard domestically. Until that time a human could walk into any bank in America and exchange a paper note for a gold coin of the same denominations. After […]


These bastards are no longer human if they ever were. These are Zionist Zombie Virus Host Soul-less evil demonic sons of bitches. You must not allow them to crawl back under their rocks by backing off of their persecution of humanity just a bit. They deserve death to defend humanity from them in the future. […]

It’s Not Presidents’ Day – It’s Washington’s Birthday-The “Father of Our Country” deserves better

Being as I am descended from the Washingtons and George is my second cousin, I am a creature of war, statesman ship, Real economics, a Connoisseur of Real history, a student of theology, phycology, philosophy, I have studied him more than your average American. Some facts first. George is not the father of the current […]