Inbreeding on Tiny Island for Pedos, Fake “royals”, Misfits and Rejects Causes Serious Problems With Britain’s Cognitive Skills

The excessive inbreeding on the tiny island has created problems before this. Cousin George S Patton and I are in agreement about British women. I mean they have a puffy goofy look on their faces, eyes seemingly devoid of snap which seems to be a product of excessive inbreeding. Now this! The former fake “prince” […]

‘Stop the slaughter of the innocents’: Meet the anti-vaxxers of 1919

“When smallpox hit Toronto a century ago, the city’s medical officer of health ordered a general vaccination — triggering protests, court cases, and dire warnings of mutilations, syphilis, and death” Vaccines and humans have never been a winning marriage. There is ample history and statistics to strongly suggest the “Spanish Flu” mass deaths of 1918-1919 […]

Arizona Catholic priest voluntarily resigns after Vatican rules THOUSANDS of his baptisms are invalid because he used the wrong words for 25 years

Use the wrong words baptizing babies and the Vatican will can your ass! F##K babies up the ass and the Vatican will protect you from the justice system with all their influence. The Ole Dog! The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a doctoral note in 2020, clarifying that Baptisms conferred with incorrect […]

The Ole Dog! Can Smell a Rotten C#nt a Hell of a Long Way Off-Army Barbie Tutsie Gabby-World Economic Forum’s ‘Young Global Leaders

The Ole Dog! understands reincarnation. The Ole Dog! knows who he has been, what he has done. Iv’e been known to screw up here and there, but I was always fighting for humanity. Because of where I have been and what I have done, I’ve had to associate with a lot of back stabbers, gold […]