“Everyone is predicting war between Russia and Ukraine except Russia and Ukraine.”

“In Surreal Plot Twist, Ukraine’s President Demands Proof From US Over Alarmist Russian Invasion Claims” THE WAY TO TELL WHICH POLITICAL WHORE IS LYING IS TO SEE WHICH ONE’S LIPS ARE MOVING! It is coming out many of the top politicians, International Corporation CEOs, religious “leaders” are baby rapers. The Scamdemic Bald Faced Lies of […]

Another Sign The Ratschilds Are Throwing Their red Russian Khazarian Terrorist In Occupied Palestine Under the Bus-Russia Issues Rare Condemnation Of Israeli Airstrikes: “A Crude Violation Of Syria’s Sovereignty”

Things I told my wife were going to happen in the world many years ago keep coming true. This is very upsetting to her because she decided years back I was crazy for the things I said would come to pass. Have always stayed up on current events also. I used to tell her such […]