Tutsie Gabby The Insider Pretending to Be an Outsider Wants To Be “president” of The Child Rape Pedophile Capital of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac

The MSM bimbo and ass hole 30 shekel talking heads keep trying to push Army Barbie out front in the DC political scene as an alternative again and again. If the MSM talking heads had tried to expose the rampant pedophilia in the top brass of the military, the white Cat House, halls of congress, […]

American Terrorists: Lincoln’s Armies In The South

“There is a class of people, men, WOMEN and CHILDREN, who MUST BE KILLED or banished, before you can hope for peace and honor.” Willian Sherman, Pedophile, mass murderer, hypocrite, war criminal, thief. This criminally insane mass murderer, was talking about slaughtering the Southern Scotts-Irish, so the Pedophilic thieving, Godless, evil, burning, child gang raping, […]

Scientism and the New Road to Serfdom

It’s long past time for folks to wake up. Today’s great threat to capitalist prosperity, personal liberty and constitutional government as we have known it is not Marxism, socialism or any other variant of traditional left-wing ideology. The real threat to liberty is more generic. Rather than a specific history-rooted ideology, such as the working […]


In fact the world will be a better place once millions of Authority worshiping and loving sheep who believe the lies of “government” 30 shekel whores and MSM talking head bimbos and ass holes who would sell their children or sick grandmother to a whore house in Kathmandu for one more shekel have finished their […]

Makow–I Was Born Into a Satanic Cult

Normally I shy away from reposting ole Henry’s writings. Any Non Semitic red Russian Khazarian bad mouthing the “Jews”/Communist/Zionist while still trying to claim to be born into a “Jewish race” gives me a bad taste in my mouth. Any such is a fool or a liar. ‘The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its […]