Canadian Judge (HAS HE STARED IN A MOSSAD JEFFERY’S CHILD RAPE VIDEO ALSO) orders protesters to clear blockade at crucial Ambassador Bridge by 7pm TONIGHT – TURD-O (Gets OUTED By His Own Brother: ‘He Is PAWN Of The New World Order Who Performs Scripts Written By Global Elites’ With Mention of Child Rape Blackmail via Mossad Jeffery) says ‘everything is on the table’ to crack down on Freedom Convoy and promises ‘quick action’ after call with Biden:

Biden and Trudeau spoke directly on Friday regarding the Freedom Convoy blockades at the border ‘President Biden and I both agreed that…these blockades cannot continue,’ said Trudeau White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Trudeau had promised ‘quick action’ Police are now reportedly massing in huge numbers in Windsor, Ontario by Ambassador Bridge Trudeau […]


HEADLINE: Amazon Bars Unvaccinated Workers From Receiving Paid COVID Medical Leave FROM THE ARTICLE: “Amazon has decreed that any of its warehouse workers who refuse to accept the vaccine will also forfeit the right to paid time off should they ever be infected with the virus – even though being vaccinated has little impact on […]