Saudi Where Camels and Little Boys Keep Their Butts to the Wall Put Political prisoners on secret trials as officials try to cover up serious violations: Rights organization

An independent human rights organization says Saudi officials bring imprisoned political dissidents and pro-democracy campaigners, who are deprived of family visits and meetings with attorneys, to secret trials in order to conceal grave violations committed against them. Sanad human rights organization, which defends political and civil rights in Saudi Arabia and monitors human rights violations […]


Time and again there are photos on the Net showing Mask Nazis who force children to be abused with useless as teats on a boar hog dust mask which also harms their health, physical and mental as well as stunting their intellectual growth, WITH NO MASK ON IN PUBLIC. Often around others they are forcing […]

“Comedian” Heather McDonald Has Killer Jab Attack on stage after making fun of Folks Too Smart To Commit Assisted Suicide

This just goes to show God has both a sense of humor and a sense of justice. The Ole Dog! Comedian Heather McDonald has said she feels ‘so terrible’ that her show was cancelled after she collapsed on stage and fractured her skull during a stand-up routine. The 51-year-old comedian passed out just after delivering […]

The Myth of the ABSOLUTE RULER!

Myth is a much stronger force in “history” than truth and fact. One of the myths of “history” is the absolute all powerful king. Or emperor, dictator, president, war lord. Only one who has not had to do the dance of being the figurehead, being on “top” and trying to stay there could believe the […]