Syrian Military Prosecution Investigating US Terrorist Illegal Occupation War Criminal Collaboration with Daesh Terrorists

Syria is a Sovereign country, an Independent Nation State which has never attacked America. This makes the USA’s illegal invasion, illegal occupation, illegal theft of Syria’s natural resources, illegally arming, training, aiding known terrorist organizations making war against the Syrian people not only despicable acts of moral-less bully cowards, but war crimes deserving the perpetrators […]

Iranian students rally outside UN office in Tehran to slam Saudi-led aggression against The Closest Living Relatives of Biblical Hebrews the Semitic Yemen People, While the Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarians Occupying Palestine & Cromwellian yankee Zionist Zombie “christians” of America Help the Evil Saudis Holocaust them

Hundreds of Iranian students have rallied outside the United Nations office in Tehran to protest against Saudi aggression of Yemen, after the Arab kingdom carried out dozens of brutal airstrikes against the war-torn country in past days. The protesters took to the streets on Thursday, chanting slogans against Riyadh and its allies for their brutal […]

Olympic gold medalist dies of “covid” despite being fully vaccinated (Fairy Tale Version) -Or-Olympic gold medalist dies BECAUSE He Was Killer Jabbed (Reality)

Sky News was caught lying about Olympic gold medalist Szilveszter Csollany, who recently died after getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). The 51-year-old Hungarian, who was the rings champion in the 2020 Sydney Olympics, was admitted to the hospital back in December after supposedly expressing “anti-vaccination views on social media.” When Csollany later perished […]


Twitter account, “Elon Musk’s Jet,” is one of the most popular out of 15 flight-tracking accounts 19-year-old Jack Sweeney developed last fall. The Twitter bot monitors Musk’s private jet movements around the world. According to tech website Protocol, Sweeney recently received a direct message on Twitter from Musk requesting him to take down the account […]

Mass Murdering FDA Begs Corrupt Courts To Hide the Crime of Their Mass Murders, Mass Murderer Pfizer Wants Proof Of Their Mass Murders Hidden From Humans Also

Anyone not yet aware the Killer Jabs are Mass Murdering Humans will need some very dark sunglasses for when they pull their sheep’s heads out of their ignorant asses! This piece is a bit misleading also as it fails to tell you the one and only killer jab “licensed” in America is not currently available […]