Neil Young Has To Give His Grandpa music away to try to get it listened to

A damn near 80 years old former singer threw a hissy fit demanded something he did not get and is now having to give his ancient music away trying to get people to listen to it.

‘Neil Young gives fans a free four-month subscription to Amazon Music after removing his music from Spotify over Joe Rogan’s ‘COVID” Truths’

Another old has been followed suit.
I told my wife I recognized the name but could not remeber anything she sang.
My wife pulled up her one Simi popular song from back in the dark ages and I did remeber the song.

“Irresponsible People Are Spreading Lies” – Joni Mitchell Removes Music From Spotify “In Solidarity” With Neil Young And just like that, every lesbian in America is going to switch from Spotify to Apple Music…

Now the double FAKE ‘Prince” Big Pie Hole Harry the Bastard son of a British Army officer and Lady Di-

Commoner FAKE “royal” Big Pie Hole Harry and Commoner Sperm Donor Daddy British Army Officer

-who had to have an affair Because the Fake “prince” No Chin Charlie-

-was too busy hanging with his best butties the Pedophile and dead person raper BBC “presenter Jimmy Saville who provided little kids to “British” “elites” to rape, wants some attention so the FAKE wanna be “prince” Big Pie Hole Harry is running off at the pie hole.

Fake “royals/Real Pedos!
These Commoner imposters come from the bloodline of Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed who were bastards, not sired by by Plantagenet Royal fathers.
This makes the present “royals” fake monarchs as well as every other “British “monarch since Edward the 4th in 1440.

Is This Australian Man The Real King Of England? | Britain’s Real Monarch | Timeline

‘Richard III’s DNA throws up infidelity surprise’

‘DOUBLE FAKE “prince” Big Pie Hole Harry and Gold Digging Bimbo Meghan Marke put pressure on Spotify to drop Joe Rogan’

Personally I watched a few minuets of a Rogan video then turned it off as he kept trying to promote Trump as somehow being an anti-Killer jabber when Trump hisself goes around trying to get people to commit assisted suicide with killer jabs and bragging about pushing the killer jabs while he was president.

I figure Rogan is controlled opposition because of his support for the Trickster Trumpster and how much he is getting promoted in the media.

But that be as it may, Rogan is a hot item while the two senior citizen crooners are has beens and the want to be prince is a never has been.

When you are a has been or a wanna be trying to go up against a current hot item, controlled opposition or not, you just ain’t gonna come out smelling like a rose.

The Ole Real Plantagenet Blood Line Dog! (Who’s Female Ancestors Were Not Whores As The FAKE “royal’s” females Were/Are)

P.S. The Ole Dog! takes it as a personal insult the FAKERS allowed Big Pie Hole Harry to come to MY LAND and stink it up!

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