Humans Have Sheep Souls and Goat Lust!

God and God’s Sons had a April fools picnic.
They all had a bit too much mead.
God said I think I will make an April Fool’s joke.
I am going to make an animal with only two legs.
I will give it the soul of a frightened pooping in it’s wool sheep.
And the Lust of Goats!
I will call them Humans!

Thats why humans go around shaking in fear in herds.
But like a goat they have the lust of gorging themselves with food, trying to have sex all the time while fighting over food and someone to have sex with!

God saw the Joke was on the Sheep-goat hybrid humans and said:
“It is good!”.

And they all laughed their asses off!
Till they all sobered up the next day.
And humans have been a pain in their asses ever since.

The Ole Dog!

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