Americans Are A Sick Society

…otherwise, they wouldn’t condone and finance this sort of thing.

US Coalition Bombs Hospital & Youth Soccer Field In Yemen, Over 200 Killed

US Drone Strike in Kabul That Targeted and Killed 10 Citizens, Including 7 Children

I could add many more examples but it makes me sick just thinking about it.

One thought on “Americans Are A Sick Society

  1. John Carleton says:

    US has been bombing Iraqis, Yemen folks, Syrians for years in support of ISIS while telling the sheep home they illegally invaded these countries to “fight” ISIS.

    As George Carlin said:
    “The average American is dumb as a rock, and it goes down hill from there!”.

    I recall when Trump murdered the Iranian General who was really kicking ISIS’s ass in Iraq without the Iraqi’s permission, the American sheep had orgasms it made them so happy.
    God judges a people on the evil they do, and being dumb as a rock to reality is not an excuse God excepts for excusing the evil a people does.

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