A lion and a jackal are mortal enemies.
A lion will kill a jackal every chance it gets.
If enough jackals gang up, here and there they kill a lion.
Like they did Jesus the Christ.

The two legged jackals have beguiled the sheep into looking to them for “protection” and “leadership” while the jackals rape the lambs of the sheep and eat the sheep.

A lion does not care for mutton.
It does not like the taste of jackals either, but killing them can be entertaining.

God is tired of the sheep pissing in his face while giving the jackals blow jobs!
God has said enough is enough.
God has told the lion to remove all mercy for the jackals from it’s heart and mind.

There was a old time bible thumper fire and brimstone preacher who had a scare the hell out of the sheep sermon called “PAY DAY SOME DAY!”.
The idea being God will give a sheep or jackal enough rope to hang themselves spiritually speaking.

But payment for pissing in God’s face always comes due and God sends his beast to gather the souls of the evil.
At those times it is God’s orders for no mercy to be shown.
The time of mercy is past.
Accounts must be settled.
Payment comes due.

God’s Lion is sniffing the breeze.
It smells jackal!

The Ole Dog!

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