LA psychologist: Mask wearers Mentally ill with mass formation psychosis

On “The Ben Armstrong Show,” Dr. Mark McDonald talked about people who are suffering from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mass formation psychosis. “I would say the masks were the beginning point and/or the ongoing point of the fear and of the fuel that’s driving this car of terror and psychopathy in our country,” he said.

McDonald explained that the problem of wearing masks in this stage of the pandemic is the psychology of it. “The problem is mass delusional psychosis,” he said, adding that it should be addressed. (Related: NIH director admits school mask mandates not based on science.)

As a therapist, he shared that instead of trying to beat people over their heads with data, it is important to acknowledge that they are living in fear and allow them to talk about it.

“Once you understand where that person is coming from, and once that person acknowledges and accepts that you care about how he or she feels, now you’re in a much, much better position to offer advice, to offer solutions, to offer alternative ways of thinking that are more rational, that is more healthy and that is more agentic, meaning more autonomous. That’s the way to start the conversation,” McDonald said.

In discussing mass delusional psychosis, McDonald likened it to working in a psychiatric ward, where, when he entered a locked ward in a psychiatric inpatient unit, he would see that anyone around him who wasn’t wearing a badge was most likely psychotic or otherwise mentally ill, and it was the same feeling he’s had when he left his house in Los Angeles in May 2020. “I knew something was wrong. I knew this was not a medical illness. This was a psychological illness. And so I began to document and I began to notice it in my patients, and I began to speak out about it.”


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