FAKE “prince” But Real Pedo Andrew Loses Bid To Dismiss Pedo Lawsuit

Necked child-escaping-from-buckingham

Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed’s mama was a slut.
Both were Bastard sons not fathered by her Plantagenet husband.
This means each and every English or British Monarch from 1461 have been FAKES.
Illegitimate kings, queens, princes and princess.

Including the old sea hag German Cow mama of FAKE “prince” pedoist sons currently squatting at Buckingham on Public Assistance.

Know why British “elites” wear kilts?
Sheep and children can hear zippers!

The FAKE “queen” at a family reunion.

The Ole Dog! (Who’s ancestors are REAL Plantagenets who’s wive’s were not sluts like the FAKE “British” “royals” were)

A federal judge in Manhattan ruled Wednesday that the sexual abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew will be allowed to proceed.

Virginia Giuffre has alleged that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked her to the Duke of York, who raped her when she was 17-years-old.

US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan sided with Giuffre’s lawyers, who had argued that a 2009 settlement Giuffre signed with Epstein for $500,000 – in which she agreed not to sue anyone linked to the convicted pedophile who could be a “potential defendant.” Kaplan ruled that the agreement was only signed for Epstein’s benefit, and not that of a “third party” like Andrew.

Andrew’s motion to dismiss on these grounds was “denied in all respects” by Kaplan, as the court “cannot rewrite the 2009 Agreement to give the defendant rights where the agreement does not clearly manifest an attempt to create them.”

This bad news for Andrew was compounded last week, after the Queen of England reportedly refused to foot his legal bills, forcing him to liquidate a Swiss chalet in a fire sale.

FAKE “queen’s” hide out log cabin

Self Explanatory!


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