Waylon Jennings Old Five and Dimers

This would have been somewhere around mid 1970s to the late 70s.

I went to see him every chance I got.
Back then the good ones had lived fast and hard.
Thats why they had soul in their music.
Not like the cookie cutter commercial dime a dozen singers of today.

I was a young man trying to figure out who I really was and my place in the world.
The memories of those times come around now and then.
The scars I carry physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually tell of a long hard road by one who had to live life to it’s fullest.

I have no regrets as without the train wreaks and mistakes I made which taught me the lessons I needed to learn I would not be who I am.

I have earned the wrinkles, salt and pepper hair and every damn scar I carry.
I miss Waylon and some others who have gone to the other side, but the past is the past.
The future awaits.
The present must be dealt with now.

But like a cool fresh breeze on a hot day, this song and a few others sometimes blow some memories of long gone times and people through my mind.


The Ole Dog!

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