NY Times Editor Dies of Heart Attack Hours After Posting Selfie Taking the COVID Booster

On Dec. 16, in Seoul, South Korea, Carlos Tejada received a Moderna mRNA/LNP “booster.” Later that night, he would die of a heart attack. Tejada was the deputy Asia editor of The New York Times, who helped shape coverage of the global Covid-19 crisis in 2021 that won a Pulitzer Prize, according to the NY Times.

Carlos’ wife Nora Tejada took to her husband’s Twitter account the next day to announce that her husband had died of a heart attack. The screen capture below was taken before the account was locked.

Alex Berenson is a former New York Times reporter who previously worked with Tejada and who made some keen observations about Tejada’s case. According to Berenson, no clinical trials have ever been conducted to examine the safety or efficacy of mixing various types of these vaccines. What’s more, Carlos did not give informed consent, as the consent form was in Korean, a language he could not read.

In a twist of irony, in May, Tejada took to Twitter to post an article debunking the claim that the vaccine had killed people.

As Berenson said in his article on Substack, “If this does not wake the Times nothing will.”

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new data showing a total of 965,843 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 10, 2021, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

This most recent dats included a total of 20,622 reports of deaths and 159,166 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period.


NY Times Editor Dies of Heart Attack Hours After Posting Selfie Taking the COVID Booster

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