Mossad’s Pedophile Child Rape Madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s Conviction is Welcome But Chances of Her Pedophile Clients Going Down are Slim

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For years, Ghislaine Maxwell rubbed elbows with the elite. She frequently visited Donald Trump’s Florida retreat, Bill Clinton’s White House, and was a good friend to Prince Andrew for decades. During her sex trafficking trial, a number of high profile associates of Jeffrey Epstein had their ties to the pedophile ring exposed. They include not only Trump, Clinton, and Prince Andrew, but also Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, Bill Gates, and others.

This week, Maxwell was found guilty and will likely die in jail for her crimes — which consisted of delivering children to rich pedophile men. Unfortunately, however, it is extremely likely that the men who participated in this child sex trade, will never face any consequences.

It is almost as if Maxwell served as a sacrificial lamb to the federal government, and in exchange for her blood, any lights shining into the Jeffery Epstein pedophilia case, would be turned off by the establishment — forever.

Perhaps the final light switch to be flipped off in this sadistic ring of child traffickers took place the day after Maxwell’s guilty verdict when the government formally recommended disposing of the prosecution of two guards who essentially facilitated Epstein’s “suicide” by not doing their numerous checks on Epstein for two days on August 9 and 10, 2019.

Their trial may have shed light into what actually happened that day.

Adding to the scandalous nature of the case is the fact that during the trial, Maxwell refused to testify in her own defense, biting her tongue to avoid being asked incriminating questions about the elite names which were rife during the victims’ testimonies.

Despite an attempt by Maxwell’s attorneys to downplay her role in Epstein’s child trafficking empire, during the trial, Epstein’s ex-pilots Lawrence Visoski and David Rodgers described her as his “No. 2.” What’s more, Juan Alessi, Epstein’s former house manager at his Palm Beach estate, testified that Maxwell described herself as the “lady of the house.”

While many remain hopeful that she will come clean now that she has nothing to lose, the idea of a sociopath who preyed on children for decades having a sudden surge of altruism is about as likely as Prince Andrew being arrested for raping Virginia Giuffre as a child. Remember, he was picture with Giuffre as a child, with none other than Madame Maxwell in the background and he remains untouchable.


Ghislaine Maxwell’s Conviction is Welcome But Chances of Her Pedophile Clients Going Down are Slim

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