A new year was dawning as the Ratschilds made war on humanity-
It had been a year of sheep slaughter via Loaded Syringe insanity-

Family business failures caused by red Russian Khazarian Communistic lockdowns-
Criminally forced useless as teats on a boar hog masking accompanied by the sounds-

Of pedophiles and diked out talking heads in the Ratschild’s media whores-
Degenerates-trying their damnedest to push perversion plus war on Humanities and God’s mores-

Who lied their asses off for thirty Ratschild’s fiat shekels to the people-
Which in believing the magnitude of the bald faced lies proved themselves sheeple-

But God will not allow evil to run free forever-
Comes the time God orders his Sons the evil ones heads to sever-

When the gathering of the souls at the end of the era has come to pass-
The evil ones will pay for all their pissing in the face of God at last-

The sheep who spiritually blind followed the depraved Ratschild’s child raping path-
Will have their souls gathered to be throw into perdition, will taste of God’s wrath-

Those who held fast to their faith through persecution for their serving the true God-
Will then get their promotions, to advance to a higher class they will get God’s nod-

Their weariness gone and even with their voices and throats from warning the sheep hoarse-
The faithful will give thanks to the One True Creator God they were given strength to stay the course!

The Ole Dog!

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