Mossad’s Pedophile Child Rape Madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s Conviction is Welcome But Chances of Her Pedophile Clients Going Down are Slim

For years, Ghislaine Maxwell rubbed elbows with the elite. She frequently visited Donald Trump’s Florida retreat, Bill Clinton’s White House, and was a good friend to Prince Andrew for decades. During her sex trafficking trial, a number of high profile associates of Jeffrey Epstein had their ties to the pedophile ring exposed. They include not […]

Mossad’s Pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell Convicted – Israel connection covered up

“top politicians would be photographed and video recorded when they were in bed with the [underage] girls. Afterwards, they would be approached and asked to do favors for Israel. It is referred to in the trade as a “honey-trap” operation.” Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction for sex trafficking of girls omits the Israel connection and possible ‘honey […]


You Trump true believers, you Trickster Trumpster Disciples I am sorry your knight in shining armor is a treasonous against America piece of shit. Allow me to “splain something to you Lucy”. Jesus the Christ said execute a pedophile. Not be big butties with em! So whats up with you delusional ass hole sheep posting […]


The Rus people which became modern Russia and Constantinople defeated and ended the Khazarian Empire (Non Semitic red Russian Khazarian Jewish converts). They hate the White Russians with a passion because of this. In 1917 they got their revenge and still control Russia today. The Non Semitic Jewish Khazarians occupying Palestine while Holocausting the Semitic […]

Little Boy Traumatized as a Dozen Armed Bullies with Badges Swarm & Harass Him for Eating Without Showing Killer Jab Papers

A bunch of bullies with badges in New York terrorizing a little boy eating Pizza because he had not taken an assisted suicide killer jab. I have one thing to ask you “we back the blue” groupies? There are not enough car jackings, governors and mayors molesting women, pedophile politicians, burglaries, rapes and murders in […]