God Shall Turn His Beast Loose On The Evil Ones

The Roman “bible” is a cobbled together censored, rewritten selection of writings with many letters and writings thrown out by the little child raping “priest” of Rome because they did not buttress the illusion the Roman slave religion was trying to plant in the mind of conquered peoples.

Plus many of the mysteries are beyond the understanding of most human minds.

Let me assure you, God’s Beast is coming for souls, but not the souls of the God loving, not for the souls of good humans.
Human souls are not his department unless they have sold that soul to evil.
Evil souls do belong to him, and he will gather them for God.

If you are evil, damn right you had better look over your shoulder for him!

If you are following the path of goodness, of spiritual growth you have nothing to fear from him.

This is a time of the gathering of evil souls, demotions for evil souls and promotions for those who love God.

Not the bashing baby’s brains out against rocks angry man like god with ESP and a magic wand of the Roman illusion, but the Creator God of all Life, Love and Light.

Stay the Course!

The Ole Dog!

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