The 1914 Christmas Truce In The Trenches

World War one was instigated by the Rothschild Usury Banker rat pack.

The peoples of England and Germany neither wanted the war.
But the bankers, the politicians and the generals wanted the war.

It was a hell hole for the common soldier.
in the middle of all this on Christmas 1914 the German and English common soldiers discovered they were the same, just humans who did not want to be there.
They discovered they did not want to kill each other.

But in the end, the bakers gave the order to get the killing going again, the political prostitutes passed along the order, and the generals with visions of promotions and fame dancing in their heads forced the killing to start again.
This slaughter would continue for four more years.

My father was seven years old when the American boys who lived through the slaughter came home.
He told me a WW 1 vet told him:
“It was a rich man’s heaven and a poor man’s hell”.

The Ole Dog

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