Counterfeit Man Of God (Arch-Bishop of Canterbury) Says Unjabbed Immoral /Hugo Talks #lockdown

Damn shame my Great grandfather type Henry the 2nt is not still running that tiny little island for pedophiles, losers and misfits.

He had the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury slaughtered on the alter for such shit!

Then there was great uncle type Richard the Lion hearted who told the popester to go have sex with himself.

And great grandfather type Edward the 1st who frightened the Arch-Bishop of York to death on the spot.

My family has never liked pedophiles and religious charlatans.

Such as this obese pig.

In honor of family tradition I wrote a song for the charlatan.

The current “royals” in merry Ole are commoner pedoist fake “royals” so I expect the Arch-Bishop might be invited to the Buckingham Christmas party like the BBC serial child raper who also raped dead people and provided children for the British “elites” to rape and murder always was.

The Ole Dog!


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