Those who have tried to warn the world of the evil in the world, of the diabolical plans of those demonically possessed who would rule this world and all in it, the ones who start wars on purpose with lies and false flags, those who rape and murder children as a past time, those who hate all good and wallow in evil, all sooner or later come to the conclusion the sheep are too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time.

When time after time evidence of the above is forced in front of their bleating faces yet they still can not see the truth, it is decided it is because they are as a herd are severally mentally challenged.

Yet one sees sheep in the herd which can be brilliant in other areas.

The next conclusion most truth tellers come to is the sheep are cowards.
They just refuse to see the truth because the truth scares the sheep shit out of them.
If they admitted to themselves the truth, they would have to either stand against the evil are admit to themselves their own cowardliness and their assisting the evil ones by doing nothing against the evil.

While I believe there are elements of both in the answer to why the vast majority of the two legged sheep do not see the truth even with a preponderance of evidence taking bites out of their butts, but there is a more overriding reason.

They are spiritually blind.
They know not God.

I am not talking of the imaginary god which looks like a man, has ESP so he knows all one does and a magic wand so he can do magic tricks, contour up anything the sheep demand of him in “prayer”, but rather the Source of all life, love and Light.

God is a sheep human word.
The sheep’s tongue can not utter the true name of That Which Is.

To find that which humans call God, takes a sincere daily effort to be a better person, to daily search for the truth, a true desire to one day stand in the presence of the pure Light of the Source and be willing daily to pay the price for a walk with God.

One can not do that pilgrimage while putting base earthly desires first.
One can not walk with God while worshiping man made knowledge and institutions.
One can not understand God limiting God to a man like creature who knows everything and does magic tricks.

If one is spiritually blind, if one is not earnestly seeking the truth of the Creator Source “God”, then one could drown in truth and never understand the truth.
Not even see it.

Thats. why the sheep seem to have a death wish with killer jabs.
Because they are spiritually dead.
They are dead already, the walking dead, zombies.

So if some you love just “will not see”, nothing you can do to force them to see.
To walk or not with the Source is an individual choice.

The Ole Dog!

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