The term “illegal” Jewish settlement leads one to believe that somewhere out there are “legal” Jewish settlements and the question that begs to be asked is “Where?” Where are there Jewish settlements in Palestine that are legal?

HOMESH, OCCUPIED PALESTINE – The issue of illegal Jewish settlements is in the news again, this time owing to a recent attack by Palestinian fighters who opened fire on a car carrying Israeli settlers in the northern West Bank. One of the settlers was killed and two were injured as their car was traveling near […]

‘I Was Very Close To Going The Other Way’; Candace Owens Ask Trump Why He Did Not Pardon Assange, Snowden

Former President Donald Trump told Candace Owens in an exclusive interview for The Daily Wire’s “Candace” that he was “very close to going the other way” on issuing a pardon for either Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. Owens asked the former president about pardons for Assange or Snowden, amongst a host of other questions, during […]

Seven signs your friend or family member has fallen victim to the ‘Woke Mind Virus’

Covid is not the only virus sweeping the West, obsessively woke politics is running rampant with the most virulent variants emerging in newsrooms and colleges. As an acquaintance of mine slowly succumbed, here’s what I observed. There are certain traits that appear to be extremely common among people who are ‘woke’. Woke being now a common […]