Trump flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private Pedos R US Lolita Express jet SIX more times than was previously known, flight logs reveal after new documents were released at Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Young Trump in drag as the. date of a known Khazarian Mafia Homosexual Pedophile

Trump’s wife, an over the hill small time failed porn actress is rumored to have been introduced to Trump by his good buttie Mossad Jeffery the Child Rape for Blackmail purposes Israel’s Honey Trap operator.

Since the Rothschilds murdered JFK for bucking them, no “president” has been allowed into the big white Cat House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac who was not blackmailable and did not play ball with them.

If there had have been, they would have been murdered just as JFK was.
USA/DC still will not release the true facts on his murder.
Trump is still alive.

Any one trying to say Trump is fighting for America, or Trump is going to save America is either a paid whore of the Khazarian Mafia or a damned fool!

I wish he was going to save America from the shit hole he helped it become, then I could stop fighting the evil and go fishing, work on my classic motorcycles deteriorating in my shop, pick my guitars more and such.
But he is part of the problem, he is an actor put there to give Americans false hope while the evil got a better death grip on American’s throats.

I know what I am saying.
I am on my father’s side, the great grandson type of the Babylonian kings, the Troy kings, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, Ragnar, Rollo the Walker, William the Conquer, Edward the 1st, the Scottish kings, the Welsh kings, the Irish kings, the Merovingian kings (Rose Cross between the shoulders), the Holy Roman Emperors, the French Capetian kings, The Danish kings, the Norwegian Kings, Swedish kings, Castilian kings, the King which founded Russia, seventeen of the twenty five Ensurers of the Magna Carta, second cousin to George Washington (my 7th great grandmother was his great aunt Anne Washington, sister of George’s grandfather Washington) , (Sir Guy Carleton British General on the other side of the Revolution half of Canada is named for was also a Cousin) cousins of most of the main American Generals and cousins with all United States presidents at least up to the BadBushes who I am not real sure are who they are supposed to be.

On my mothers side I am 3ed cousins with James K Baker known as the ‘Man Who Ran Washington’.

When I graduated high school I scored on my university entrance exam in the top 97% of all of what you think of as the USA in the areas which matter.
Military matters, real economics, history, government, law.

I never liked yankee spelling, English comp and although I can do basic math in my head, I lose interest when they start mixing the alphabet with numbers.
These areas pulled my score down a bit.

I was offered West Point.
I would have been president if I had wanted it.

But DC is evil, corrupt and I refused to go rub showers and shake hands with pedophiles, treasonous bastards and liars.

Just telling you I understand the game much much better than most.

No one, not Trump, not green men from space, not some secret group of undercover “patriots”, not Jesus Christ on a White horse is coming to save America.

If America is to be saved, Americans must turn back to the True Creator God, beg forgiveness for the evil they have allowed to be done in their names, find a set of balls and all stand together against the evil on the face of the land of North America.

So as much as I wish the Trickster Trumpeter was going to save America, it’s not going to happen!

Cousin Georgie who was like JFK murdered by the USA for standing up for America against the red Russian Khazarian Mafia’s (Rothschild’s) Communism/zionism says:

The Ole Dog!

Donald Trump flew 4 times in 1993, once in 1994, once in 1995 and once in 1997
Most flights were from Palm Beach, where he and Epstein had homes, to Newark
Flights revealed in new documents released in Ghislaine Maxwell sex abuse trial
Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, George Mitchell also among guests

Donald Trump flew at least seven times on Jeffrey Epstein’s private Lolita Express jet – six more times than was previously known, new documents released at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial have revealed.

The former president travelled on the plane four times in 1993, once in 1994 and once in 1995 with his ex-wife Marla Marples and children Tiffany and Eric, flight logs show.

It was previously reported that Trump had flown on Epstein’s plane from Palm Beach, where both had homes, to Newark, in 1997. Epstein is also said to have flown on one of Trump’s private planes.

Trump and Epstein knew each other in the 1990s when they were both New York City playboys and successful entrepreneurs.

The documents, which comprise more than 100 pages of flight logs covering the period 1991 to 2006, were released publicly on Sunday ahead of Monday’s closing arguments in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial.

As previously reported, they show former President Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on the Lolita express, taking at least nine flights with Epstein, and reveal Prince Andrew, lawyer Alan Dershowitz and former US Senator George Mitchell were also passengers.

Neither Trump nor Clinton have been linked to any of Epstein’s sex-trafficking crimes. Andrew, Dershowitz and Mitchell have all strenuously denied allegations of wrongdoing.

It comes as jury deliberations in Maxwell’s trial began on Monday as they try to determine whether she is a dangerous predator who recruited teens to be sexually abused by financier Epstein – as prosecutors put it – or the ‘innocent woman’ the defense have described.


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