Israel escalates efforts to get US to attack Iran, as it did Iraq


For many years, Israel and its U.S. advocates have pushed the U.S. to attack Iran, as they pushed the U.S. into the disastrous Iraq War that destroyed multitudes of lives and led to the rise of ISIS…

Recently, Israel used the Afghan exit to promote hostile U.S. policies on behalf of Israel against Iran – policies that could escalate into another disastrous, failed war

Some analysts from across the political spectrum have exposed and opposed these dangerous efforts – including Democracy Now, CounterPunch, Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan… (videos below)

By Alison Weir

As the US was finally in the process of trying to exit the disastrous, 20-year Afghan war in August, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett came to Washington D.C. to push Biden to increase US hostilities against Iran.

Israeli insiders revealed ahead of Bennet’s White House visit that Israel planned to use the ‘humiliating surrender of the US to the Taliban’ to lead Biden to ‘flex US muscle toward Iran.’ Naftali Bennett’s mission in meeting with Biden was, they reported, to convince him that Iran ‘poses a tangible and significant threat to the entire world,’ and that the U.S. must take action against Iran.

Recently, Israel’s defense minister and the head of the Mossad visited Biden with what it claimed was “intelligence about Iranians’ uranium enrichment,” reminiscent of earlier claims about what turned out to be Iraq’s non-existent “weapons of mass destruction.”

On Dec. 2nd, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett phoned US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to pressure him on Iran. According to Israeli media the call was “long and tough.” Blinken, an Israel partisan who helped procure a quarter of a billion dollars for Israel during its 2014 bombing of Gaza, said he’d had “a very good” talk with Bennett, adding: “We have exactly the same strategic objectives.”

And just a few days ago Israel’s defense minister and head of the Mossad came to DC to once again pressure Biden officials on Iran. According to the Times of Israel, they’re pushing for the U.S. to take military action against Iran.

This is not new.

‘Israelis willing to fight Iran until the last American soldier stands’

Donald Trump recently said that he had discovered early in his presidential tenure that Netanyahu was not interested in pursuing a peace deal; instead he was trying to “use him against Iran.”

Ha’aretz reports that according to a US official, “Trump was mad at Netanyahu and said that the Israelis are willing to fight Iran until the last American soldier stands.”

This is part of a decades long Israeli strategy that has created tragedy and destruction – all so that Israel can maintain its project to establish an exclusionary Jewish state on land whose population was originally 95 percent Muslim and Christian. Many Americans have been collateral damage.

From its earliest days, Israel planned a strategy by which it would damage and fragment others in the region so that it could achieve and maintain hegemony. Israel’s first Prime Minister detailed this strategy in the 1950s, and other analysts proposed various plans to implement it in the years since (more details are below).

Pro-Israel organizations and individuals target Iran

While numerous Jewish individuals disagree with this goal and many are working for peace, for many years the powerful Jewish establishment in the U.S. has disseminated anti-Iran messaging. (This was also the case for the the Iraq War. As Michelle Goldberg reported in Salon: “Mainstream Jewish groups and leaders are now among the strongest supporters of an American invasion of Baghdad.”)

A 2010 full page advertisement in the New York Times is an example:


Israel escalates efforts to get US to attack Iran, as it did Iraq

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