Anti-lockdown protesters beat their way through Rothschild’s Communism Promoting police

“Let me splain something to you Lucy”.

Germany, the land, belongs to the Souls Living on the Face of the Land.
Not to the Rothschild’s or their blackmailed with baby raping blackmail video political prostitutes operating the puppet “government” “of Germany”.

What right does a puppet “government” have to forbid the peaceful gathering of the German people?

The people are right and the cops are wrong.
Last time some Germans put on uniforms and thought that gave them the right to run amuck doing crimes against humanity it led to this.

And this.

I’d say it is waaaaayyyyyy past time history repeats itself!

The Ole Dog!

In the German city of Mannheim, anti-lockdown protesters have confronted police who were trying to break up an unauthorized rally, leaving 13 officers wounded.
One of the officers had to be hospitalized as a result. The demonstrators had ignored a ban on public gatherings, taking to the city streets regardless, to hold what they described as a “stroll.” According to police estimates, as many as 800 people turned up at various locations on Monday evening. Among the slogans heard at the rally were “Peace, Freedom, no Dictatorship,” as well as “We are the people!” The demonstrators also set off a few firecrackers along their route.

At first, police were simply notifying the people through loudspeakers that they were violating the regional regulations, which, in turn, led to several altercations, and eventually a brawl that was caught on camera. In the unverified footage circulating on social media, a group of protesters are seen forcing their way through a police line, with some throwing “deliberate punches at the officers,” as Patrick Knapp, a spokesperson for Mannheim police, told the media.

Authorities detained 13 protesters suspected of attacking the police, and issued warnings to another 131 for violating the ban on public gatherings.

Police have also vowed to monitor social media more closely in the coming days for signs of trouble brewing.


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