Merck’s COVID Drug May Cause Mutated DNA, Birth Defects, Cancer, And Reduced Male Fertility, NYT Reports

In other words, it is doing exactly what the Anti-Human Big Pharma Crime Cabal planned for it to do. Cause cancer, alter DNA just like the Killer Jabs, kill children, and sterilize humans. The ole Dog! Merck’s newly FDA-approved COVID-19 antiviral drug, molnupiravir, may pose severe health consequences despite being purchased in bulk by the […]

More than 400 studies prove that lockdowns, mask mandates are harmful to human health

The overwhelming body of evidence shows that masks and coverings for the face do absolutely nothing to promote health or protect against any alleged virus. More than 400 studies, in fact, prove that not only mask mandates but also lockdowns and shelter-in-place policies are destroying people’s health, not promoting it. “These restrictive policies were ineffective […]

The Medical Profession Implodes

Schooling and an education are two very different things. Schooling in America in modern times is thus. One is spoon fed what the indoctrination the “elites” want the sheep to believe. If one proves they are incapable of independent free thought or willing to suppress ones own intelligence by swallowing whole the propaganda, false science, […]