Killer Drone strike that Murdered children In Country USA/DC Criminally Invaded & Occupied Based on Damned Lies to go unpunished – Murdergon

No members of the US military [OR DC POLITICAL PROSTITUTES] involved in the Kabul drone strike that killed 10 civilians including 7 children during the retreat from Afghanistan will be penalized in any way, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reportedly decided. The US Air Force’s inspector general investigated the August 29 drone strike and found […]

Baby of fully NON VACCINE KILLER JABBED mom dies after born bleeding from mouth, nose: VAERS report

A two-year-old’s death which was then scrubbed from the website, a neonate’s hemorrhaging death, and an eight-year-old’s heart attack were among recent VAERS reports A baby whose mother received two COVID vaccine shots during her last trimester of pregnancy was born bleeding from his mouth and nose, and died the day after his birth, according […]

Is the spirit of Odin stirring?

Jesus was a Hebrew. Jesus was not a Jew. Yes the Jews did murder Jesus the Christ. Hebrew Jews. Hebrew was the ethnicity. Jew was the End of Times Death cult religion. There are no more Hebrews. But there are still Jews. Khazarian Jews. Khazarian is the ethnicity. Jew is the End of Times Death […]

Washington DC’s shadow unit’s deadly ‘self-defense’ strikes in Syria revealed – media

Syria has never attacked America. Israel has, repeatably. ISIS=Israel. Israel=ISIS. Any questions? The Ole Dog! The secret strike cell behind a bombing that killed 70 civilians in Syria reportedly had a habit of playing fast and loose with the rules to keep Hellfire missiles raining down on militants, regardless of collateral casualties. The 2019 Baghuz […]