What he said!

As a warrior I have tried to keep this from going to war.
Sheep who do not understand the horrors of war always seem ready to get one started, with other folks doing the killing and dying mostly.

I vote for world wide Nuremberg Common Law Courts to legally hang all these evil killer jabs muther hunchers.
And a pedophile does not have a right to live.
But in order to have the numbers to convene such courts without starting a war it is probably necessary to allow the bulk of the killer jabbed to die.
As some watch their children die, they become ill themselves they will want revenge.
But the jab effects the mind also so the jabbed who “wake” up may be like loose cannons on the deck of a heaving ship in a storm.

But if you take the jab, most will die.
If it comes to a decision of dying on my knees with a needle in my arm, or on my feet with a weapon in my hand, I choose feet and weapon.
Folks on their knees are not allowed into Valhalla.

The Ole Dog!


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