USA/DC Crime Cabal Corporation Illegal strike In Country Which Has NEVER Attacked America “may” have Murdered Syrian Civilians, MURDERGON says

West Point needs to stop teaching chewing rope without getting the general’s teeth on the rope and kissing ass and start teaching the merits of truth, honor, not murdering women, children and old unarmed men for perverse pleasure and profit.

Last real General America had, General George S Patton, USA murdered because he would not sell America out to red Russian Communism the way FDR, No Combat Ike and a whole freight train of other “generals” and political prostitutes did.

MacArthur had personal courage but should have had his ass in the grass with the troops in Korea instead of bobbing Japanese geisha girls and playing golf in Japan.

He was a prima donna who surrounded himself with Yes Men.
When the officers in the field warned him if they moved closer to Manchuria they thought Rothschild’s red Chinese troops would come across the border in mass as the closer they got to the border the more Chinese POWs they were taking he poo-pooed the advice of Officers on the ground where American troops were dying.

Mac had another Bourbon and coke in Tokyo and said they where scaredy cats.
All his rope chewing ass kissing yes men agreed with him.

Once he allowed what he said would not happen to happen, his answer to fixing up his screw up was using nuclear weapons.

So after USA and Bestist Buttie Commie red Russia murdered Patton, America had a half assed general with a big ego.
When the dumb ass Truman fired him America had no generals who knew how to win left.

What the Point turns out now are like a whore on a street corner.
Whoever has the cash is their “daddy”.

The Ole Dog!

The US military said it would open an investigation into the possibility a recent drone strike caused civilian casualties, with Pentagon officials claiming the attack had been intended to target a “senior al-Qaeda leader.”
US Central Command (CENTCOM), which oversees military operations across the Middle East, announced the upcoming probe on Friday, hours after an MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle bombed an unspecified location in Idlib province in what CENTCOM described as a “precision strike.”

“We abhor the loss of innocent life and take all possible measures to prevent them. The possibility of a civilian casualty was immediately self-reported to US Central Command,” spokesman Captain Bill Urban said in a statement obtained by CNN.

We are initiating a full investigation of the allegations and will release the results when appropriate.

US military covered up its ‘war crime’ in Syria – NYT US military covered up its ‘war crime’ in Syria – NYT
Friday’s drone mission follows another strike on Idlib in September, which was alleged to have killed a senior terrorist operative. The military claimed no civilians had been killed in that attack. The use of US air power in Syria has slowed in recent years – at least in terms of what the Pentagon is willing to publicly acknowledge.

Last month, a New York Times investigation suggested an air strike in March 2019 had hit “a large crowd of women and children huddled against a river bank” near the town of Baghuz, and may have resulted in the Pentagon’s largest civilian casualty incident in the country. Following the Times probe, CENTCOM reluctantly admitted it may have killed [MURDERED] up to 80 people, including some non-combatants, though it argued the women and children may have been working on behalf of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) [MOSSAD & CIA’S PROXY TERRORIST WING] terrorist group at the time they perished.


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