Mud Flood – Tartaria – Giants – Books – Skeletons – Megaliths – Foot Prints – Titans – Technology

I don’t have all the answers but I know enough to know “official” and “accepted” history is bull shit.

Recent “history” is bullshit.
Ancient “history” is bull shit.
There are people who come behind people and events rewriting “history” to serve the ends of those in power, or those seeking power.

The world is not as you have been taught to see it, there are beings who share the same spaces you do who you can not see.
And everything walking among you you see as human is not necessarily human.

That said without going back to reexamine history, parts of what you believe may be valid back to about 0900 AD, farther back than that things get very questionable.

I have a theory about why some of this is so but it is long, would take a lot of explaining and most people would not have the background to understand what I was saying if I took the time to write it down.

Just question everything.
I know giants existed.
I know evidence of them existing has been systematically destroyed by those in power.
I know under the snow and ice of the Antartica there are things they do not want us to know about from an earlier much more advanced civilization which was not necessarily “human”.

I was around heavy equipment and cranes.
I know the pyramids and stone mdonolifts which exist could not be built by our society with the best and heaviest lifting machinery this society possesses, but we are to believe men rolling huge stones on top of logs did all of this?

Huge rocks beyond modern man’s ability to move much less stack on top of each other cut so precisely they do not even need mortar and you are unable to slip a thin sheet of paper between the rocks.

I post the link to this video because it is interesting and makes one think.

We know what we have been indoctrinated with is bullshit.
Perhaps as more comes out humanity can learn the true history of this rock and humanities true origins.

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