Eric Bogle – The Green Fields of France

The Victor writes the “history” book.
The Rothschild blood sucking Usury rat pack who have controlled England (Britain or UK) for hundreds of years had England start WW 1 because the Ratschilds get rich off of both sides of wars.
The blood shed is human sacrifice to their demonic gods.

It was a slaughter run by inapt “generals” who did not understand the new weapons or the new tactics these new weapons demanded.

So they forced drafted (kidnaped and made slaves) ) men by the tens of thousands to march into the crossfires of modern machine Guns just as if the redcoats and American armies were marching to face each other in lines to fire at each other.

The living conditions were worse than Roman or British slaves lived under in their day.

Suicide In The Trenches

I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you’ll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.

Siegfried Sassoon

WW 2 was a repeat of WW 1.
The Rothschilds who have controlled England for hundreds of years and get rich loaning at Usury rates money to both sides had England instigate WW 2.

War has not served humanity well.

Humanity must learn to live together without wars.
And to hang those instigating wars for perverse pleasure and profit.

The Ole Dog!

2 thoughts on “Eric Bogle – The Green Fields of France

  1. Phil maff says:

    Ww one was basically royal cousins fighting it out . The end of Russian, Austro Hungarian and most German royalty . It set the stage for future warfare with minority populations in the newly defined borders being pogromed and brought disunity to the Balkans.
    The Zionist who held the copyright on the new percussion artillery cap waved his royalties in exchange for the Balfour declaration . Another aspect of this technological killing was poison gas. A German chemist gained a Nobel prize for agriculture for discovering the holy grail of agriculture…..inorganic nitrogen. His discovery came about because he found white crystals leaching from his chemical plant , a chemical plant designed to produce poison gas. Before WW one had ended he had collected his award.
    After WW two the British electorate voted in a socialists labour government. Ousting Churchill and shocking the Crown. Churchill s big mistake was to allow the troops in Europe to vote . Churchill was a good war leader but a terrible military commander. Churchill was responsible for the slaughter at Silva bay ,the Turkish Dardanelles ,a vicious slaughter of Anzac troops.
    British welfare state was born in 1943 when the mood in Britian was at it’s lowest. It was pure propoganda for morale and the UK establishment had NO intention of fulfilling it’s promise of a nation fit for heroes , with unemployment benefits and a national health and education system.
    The troops knew Churchill was a royalist Tory and freind of Zionism. So they voted him out,enacted the legal statutes of a welfare state in 1948.
    As my grandma taught us……her words…. there was no good old days ,your baby would die because you did not have a shilling to call the doctor out. She was a mother of ten children. Ten who survived that is.
    The Italian,German , French and British empires were set in permeant decline by the Zionists.
    Interestingly Rudolph Hesse was the queens cousin and the Battenbergs gained massive land and estates in Germany. Until war was declared against Germany ,everyone in Buckingham palace including the servants all spoke German. After the war the royal family changed their name from Battenberg to Mountbatten. IMHO Hitler was set up to kill the east European Jews so their Gold ,held in trust by the bankers could be extracted and stolen. Most of it is still missing. The khazerians had no problem sacrificing their own lower classes.
    Rationing ended in the UK in 1953. Rationing in Germany ended in 1948.
    The Zionists won the war they had orchestrated.
    Picture shows one of UK new superprisons. One of six complete with crematorium top left and no visitor parking . Supposed to hold 1900 prisoner s but can easily handle 7000 each. Strangely only one appears on Google earth ,five wells.
    It appears to UK prison service wants to increase the prison population from 84000 to 125000 in the next three years.
    God is always with us.

    • John Carleton says:

      Churchill was a drunk who was owned by the Rothschilds.
      He sold the his own people out for a better brand of booze and a warmer place to sleep.

      It was he as Lord of the Admiralty which pulled the military escort ships off of the Lusitania after directing her into waters off the Irish coast where he knew the German U boats were active, so she could be sunk with Americans on board to give the Rothschild’s bitch Woodrow Wilson an excuse to drag America into WW 1 to save England from defeat, thus fulfilling the Rothschild’s side of the bargain to drag America into the war to save England in return for England stealing Palestine for the Rothschilds.

      Again in WW 2 when the war which England instigated at the orders of the Rothschilds, by egging on Poland to do horrible things to ethnic Germans (estimated 58,000 Holocausted by Poland before Hitler invaded to put a stop to the slaughter after many warnings he could not allow the slaughter to continue forever), when the war should have ended in the 1930s, Germany was again seeking peace with generous terms, Churchill made sure the war continued because that was his orders from the Rothschilds and he knew if the war ended the British people would get rid of him and his bunch of zionist politicians.

      He bombed the German civilians long before Germany was forced to reply in kind.
      When he knew a German air raid was coming he would get to safety leaving the populace to get the hell bombed out of them.

      Many of the speeches “he” gave on radio were done by a voice actor because he was usually too drunk to give his own speeches.

      A Dead Statesman

      I could not dig; I dared not rob:
      Therefore I lied to please the mob.
      Now all my lies are proved untrue
      And I must face the men I slew.
      What tale shall serve me here among
      Mine angry and defrauded young?

      Rudyard Kipling

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