Waltzing Matilda (Australia Day 2009 Live)-Before Australia Turned Into A Complete Communistic S#it Hole

A song about a man who would rather die than give up his freedom.

I have always liked the Aussies.
Friendly, help you out if they can.

The wife and I got to know some when I was at Pearl who came as tourist.

I went to Queensland on military duty back in the late 1990s.
Loved the people and the land.

Later back in America the wife and I picked up some Aussies waiting for a bus outside a tourist place in Texas, took them around town.
The wife is still in touch with one of them via facebook.

It is with great sadness I see what has been done to them and their land by political whores.

I hope when the war is over, evil is defeated, Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals have been convened, the evil diabolical ass holes hanged for their evil against humanity, their land and my land will again be places of free peoples.

The Ole Dog!

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