Lawsuit filed in India’s high court against Mass Murderer Pedoist Bill Gates and others over COVID-19 Killer Jab Murder

A lawsuit has been filed with a high court in India in a case involving a 23-year-old man who died shortly after getting the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. This is according to a website for the Indian Bar Association, a group of lawyers working toward bringing greater accountability and transparency in Indian judiciary. The suit names […]

How they plan to kill BILLIONS with the common flu: Covid vaccines induce “AIDS” immune system failure, opening door to death via common flu strains

Covid vaccines are increasingly recognized as depopulation weapons being deployed against humanity. But the mechanism of how they work is only now becoming clear. The gain-of-function researchers who built this bioweapon — all criminals against humanity — didn’t want it to kill people too quickly because that would be noticed right away. So they needed […]

Decorated Cop Gets 20 Years for Filming Himself Rape His Own K-9, Trafficking in Child Porn

America needs to get rid of Federalized law enFORCEment and return to Peace Officers. The Ole Dog! Bossier City, LA — As TFTP previously reported, a police officer from the Bossier City Police Department was arrested in December 2018 for filming unspeakable acts with animals. Officer Terry Yetman, 38, was charged with multiple counts of […]