From Anti-War Progressive to Pro-Drone Militarist: Tulsi Gabbard’s Odd Political Trajectory

The wordsmith who did this piece is either ignorant of the “values” of 30 shekel political prostitutes or pretending ignorance to rail against the recent court verdict.

When a hooker stands on a corner, anyone hands them twenty bucks they will call daddy and drop their unmentionables for.
The hooker does not give a damn about their marital status, political leanings or childhood background.

When one rents a hooker for physical sex or political gain, one cares not about their values, and the hooker cares not about the one renting them for a bit values.

Ole Gabby voted to fund mass murdering babies in far away lands while she tried to talk the talk of an anti-war “warrior”.

She reminds me of some lines from a Kriss Kristofferson song, ‘Little Girl Lost”

“She’ll have sixteen smiling strangers who handing her a line,
While she’s drawing dirty pictures on the black side of your mind,
She’ll feed your hungry ego till you think your quite a man,
But you better count your fingers when she turns loose of your hand,
That body anybody can hold,
But the devil’s got her soul,”

‘A Streetwalker for $20.00 Will Say She Loves You And You Are The Manliest Man She Has Ever Seen’

A streetwalker for $20.00 will tell you she loves you and you are the manliest man she has ever seen-
It is only business and for what she is selling she must put on a sheen-

The ugliness of the transaction, truth of the matter is too much for the buyer to take-
In his mind he has to make the base appear noble, love of it make-

She sells an illusion the worn body and tired actions will not support alone-
She has to make the buyer believe he is buying more than tired flesh and bone-

So she lies as the main stay of her troubled desperate trade-
He must believe he is a stud with a women who loves him as he gets laid-

He wants not the truth, the truth would shatter his dream he must believe-
For the act in his mind to transfer to flesh, the act of lust must be made to conceive-

His ability to do this base act yet walk away with his pride-
Else all his belief in his own righteousness will have died-

She deceives, but it is a needed deception he must have to embrace-
As he deceives himself so that he can take this lost decrepit creature dressed in stained lace-

The politician is a streetwalker with a much higher price-
The lying evil being must sell the illusion of being nice-

The vile reality would make the buyer, the voter recoil in disgust and fear-
If the truth of the matter, the soul-less degenerate creature showed truth with a leer-

Again the buyer and seller must play illusion as a game-
So both can make the transaction without going insane-

If the political prostitute showed the true nature of the evil in it’s soul-less worm eaten heart-
If the true nature showed, if the spawn of evil did not play the part-

Of a human souled being who wanted to help those it betrayed for thirty coins of silver-
The shocked and repulsed buyer would surly drown the political whore in the Potomac river-

The Ole Dog!


The public teat hanging political Prostitute stood on the stump-
He told the crowd God had anointed him to lead them in DC as he continued to pump-

Pure de shit out of his pie hole in a torrent of spewing drivel with all his might-
He said he would lead them to the promise land as Moses did the Israelite-

He said if he was lying let God strike him dead for telling a falsehood, he would take the rap-
A split second before the lightning bolt entered his ass hole followed by a enormous thunder clap!

The Ole Dog!

In DC today, there is not one, not one honorable man or woman.

‘Abraham Admits To God He Could Not Find One Just Man In Sodom And Gomorrah On The Potomac’

One day while God and Abraham were having a few horns of mead, God mentioned he was planning of destroying Sodom and Gomorrah on The Potomac for their evil.

Abraham had a soft spot for the evil city, so he asked God if he could find a thousand just humans in the den of iniquity on the Potomac, if God would spare the hell hole for children?

You won’t find a thousand Human Beings there.
Maybe a thousand two legged aninmals walking around, taking bribes, raping children, starting unjust wars of evil and aggression, but you won’t find a thousand just Humans.

Well, how about if i find 537 just Humans in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, That’s the president, Vice President, all of congress, both houses?

How much of that Mead have you knocked back?
Them baby rapers are the most evil, worst sons of bitches in that shit hole?

What if I find ONE JUST man in the shit hole?

Ok, have at it!

Six Months Later.

God and Abraham met to knock back a few horns of mead.

Find one just man in DC?

Nuke it!

Now, lets talk about America!

The Ole Dog!

As far the finding the kid not guilty.
If I’d been him I would not have gone down there.
If the rich men’s property he was trying to protect wanted it protected enough, they would get off their asses, take control of their own town, lead a movement to kick the political whores out allowing this communistic shit to be done by hoodlums pretending to care about Americans, get some real Peace Officers instead of Federalized rule enFORCEment cops, who would put a stop to the Micky mouse crap going down.

He was however chased down by people trying to kill him and one did point a weapon at him before he popped some caps on their ass.

So would it make the wordsmith happy if the kid had stood there and allowed himself to be murdered by communistic thugs?

The Ole Dog!

WASHINGTON — While many on the American left have denounced the acquittal of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse as handing a get-out-of-jail-free card to racist militias, former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard openly celebrated the verdict. “The jury got it right — finding Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges,” said the 40-year-old lieutenant colonel, adding that the prosecution was so obviously politically motivated and his innocence so obvious that bringing charges against him should be considered “criminal” in itself.

The Rittenhouse trial was clearly flawed from the start. Among other decisions, Judge Bruce Schroeder refused to allow into evidence either video showing Rittenhouse fantasizing about killing Black Lives Matter protesters just days before the Kenosha shooting or images of him partying with the far-right group Proud Boys, flashing white nationalist hand gestures. Schroeder, who has a long history of questionable rulings, also ruled that those killed by Rittenhouse must not be referred to as “victims” in court, preferring the terms “looters” and “arsonists.”

To Gabbard, however, those questioning the verdict had merely had their minds poisoned by “pro-Antifa” mainstream media, a phrase she has repeatedly used over the past week. She tweeted:

With no evidence, mainstream media and antifa-loving politicians immediately labeled Rittenhouse a white supremacist terrorist. It’s obvious now that he was just a foolish kid who felt he needed to protect people and the community from rioters and arsonists because the government failed to do so.”

“Anyone who disagrees with pro-antifa mainstream media bias on [the] Rittenhouse trial is smeared as a white supremacist terrorist. Disgusting,” she added.

Doubling down on her stance, on Tuesday she released a video condemning those trying to view the shooting through the prism of race and racial justice. “We are all connected. We are all children of God, no matter our race, religion, or where we come from. So, please let us stop the RACIALIZATION of everyone and everything. This is what our country and world need most right now,” she wrote.


From Anti-War Progressive to Pro-Drone Militarist: Tulsi Gabbard’s Odd Political Trajectory

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