Proof: “COVID” Spike Protein Killer Jabs Cause Prion Diseases

Twitter Litter locked me out of my account also for telling the truth.
they said they would allow me back if I removed the truth and only told lies they approved of from now on.

Assisting Mass Murderers is called accessory to Mass Murder and is a hanging offense.

Twitter Litter can kiss my blue blooded big lizard ass!

I have been warning folks in post on this site for months the spike protein the sadistic mass murdering ass holes are injecting into humans is the same type spike proteins which cause Mad Cow Disease, Lou Garrick’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

It is not all that hard to figure out.
I am a Texican hillbilly and I figured it out.
So if you believe the virologist cooking up these voodoo witches brew killer jab concoctions don’t know this, you are a fool.

I have some beautiful ocean front property in the Shara I will sell you!
Mama wants a new car and some new diamond jewelry!!!

The Ole Dog!

By Steve Kirsch
Steve’s Kirsch newsletter
November 27, 2021

Twitter suspended my account hours later. There is no appeal available. All content over the last 12 years was removed. All my 75K followers were zeroed. My messages were removed. There was no opportunity to download my content.

The only thing left: that my Twitter ID was @stkirsch.

Twitter refuses to tell us what I said that was misleading?
Twitter won’t tell me that!!!! They are deliberately withholding their definitive analysis on this extremely important scientific issue. Why???

I really want to know. Obviously, Twitter fact-checkers (all of whom I presume must have PhD degrees or MD degrees to be able to assess my claims) were able to quickly read all the medical literature and determine without a doubt I made an error and should be terminated for making a mistake. But they won’t tell me the mistake!!

If they want to fight misinformation, why aren’t they posting a link to their research proving me wrong when they terminate the account. They obviously invested hours of time in the research before they terminated me. Why not provide a link to that research so everyone can learn from it including me??


2 thoughts on “Proof: “COVID” Spike Protein Killer Jabs Cause Prion Diseases

  1. Barbie says:

    I also see the Beast System looming in these horrid vaccines threatening the submitted to the prion thing, the clot thing, leaders living in the CCP pocketses, & all the horrible “Pinky & the Brain” malarky! But I see things here on your blog that I would never put up on social media. I think the techies, (following up the algorithms), probably also think you should know which of your offerings cross the line of good taste. I mean, who does that? Who tries to keep posting on a platform that they think so little of? You drew their cute bluebird as a Hitler character??? They’re thinking, if that’s how you see us, just get out of here! Talk on a platform that you don’t hate. I’m pretty sure if you removed that cartoon, as well as the snuff film of convicts being hanged, & poor sad bodies of dead animals…& admitted to yourself that many fellow twitterers do NOT want to have that hit their eyeballs (I’m still trying to scrub those images from my memory!), if you’d showed that much humility, you’d probably have been re-instated. You don’t have to do that kind of trashy stuff to underline the valid points you no doubt are trying to make! In fact, I think it puts people off giving them a chance…or listening to you at all.

    • John Carleton says:

      “But I see things here on your blog that I would never put up on social media. I think the techies, (following up the algorithms), probably also think you should know which of your offerings cross the line of good taste.”

      The difference between you and I have never been a sheep and you have never been anything else.

      Don’t poop your wool now.
      Sheep won’t do a lot of things.
      The truth scares the sheep shit out of the sheep.
      If the truth offends you, go somewhere else.
      As for Twitter Litter their “algorithms” seem to also block folks exposing baby rapers in high places.

      So do you defend pedophiles & pedophile enablers out of stupidity or is there 30 coins jingling in your pocket?

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