Spike Protein Killer Jabbed Mad Cow Maxx Vaxxed Sheep Are The New Lepers

The killer jabbed were either stupid or cowardly enough to take the jab.
Their body is a killer spike protein producing factory.
They have been injected with various other bad things some of which are reported to be living organisms which if chopped up reassemble themselves and reproduce.

Now, would you knowingly have sex or swap saliva and other bodily fluids with someone infected and dying of syphilis or Leprosy?

Then why would you kiss, hug, have sex with someone infected with and dying from the spike protein killer jab?

When un-jabbed folks go around them, one does not even have to touch them to get a stuffy nose, irritated throat and to feel bad.
They are constantly shedding their disease in flakes of skin, their breath, hair and any other thing which comes out of or falls off of them.

If you were unfortunate enough to have been married to a fool took the jab, for God’s sake don’t have sex with them.
A divorce and moving to a separate living arrangement would be in order.
If you are super religious then a separation and no sex is better than dying.

If you have friends who were fools, stay away from them.
Try to stay out of crowds.

May sound cruel but concentration camps for the jabbed until they die soon would be a good idea.

If someone was stupid enough to purposely infect themselves with leprosy or syphilis would you say they had the right to run loose infecting others with their self imposed death sentence?

If you do then you are an idiot.

Same with the Non Vaccine Killer jabs.

The insane fools who got killer jabbed brought the apartheid upon themselves.

God said do not abide with the wicked, but come out from among them.
Those of Lot’s children who remained in Sodom and Gomorrah died with the evil they choose over God’s warning.

Time to choose sides.
When one tries to straddle a picket fence one sooner or later tends to wind up with something they don’t want sticking up their ass!

The Ole Dog!

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