What Are They Hiding?

If you thought the continuing 58-year cover-up of the JFK assassination was just an American anomaly, think again. The FDA, a captured agency by any meaning of the term, just had the audacity to ask a judge in this FOIA case if they could release Pfizer’s clinical trial data at the rate of 500 pages per month – meaning it wouldn’t be fully released until 2076. This is the data by which everyone was told that Pfizer’s COVID fake-vaccine was – you know the mantra – “safe and effective.” So the FDA can look thorough Pfizer’s 329,000 pages very quickly to provide an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for a vax, but now it needs 55 years to fully release the files publicly. Hmmm.

One could assume they chose 50-60 years so that everyone involved in making, authorizing or approving the fake-vaccine would be incapacitated or dead. The NWO controllers insist everyone “follow the science” while they hide the science and conduct worldwide and historically unprecedented mass human experimentation in violation of informed consent and other benchmarks of the Nuremberg Code.

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