The Time Has Come For The Gathering of Spiritually Blind Souls

The time has come for the gathering of Spiritually blind souls-
As the end of the era comes and time onward rolls-

For thousands of years humans have talked about the time-
When those who turned their backs on the Creator God will lose their mind-

Two will be working in the field and the jabbed will be taken
Their soul sent to torment because the One True God they have forsaken-

The prophets each day warn of the impending ruin and doom-
The seeing souls left alive as the blind jabbed souls are take from the same room-

Those who stay true to God’s Natural Law and do not take the mark of the sort-
Which has taken the form of a digital bar code killer jab “passport”

Will survive the evil which waits the compliant authority worshiping sheep-
The Jabbed who take the mark will be forced of evil to reap-

Ones who murder their own children with the spike protein killer jab will be paid-
As they stand in judgment when the murder of their children on their own shoulders is laid-

Depart from me you workers of iniquity is what they will hear-
As they are cast out into the darkness the soul in life held dear-

The blind, the unseeing, the God hating sort will receive-
Of that which in life they refused to believe-

Eternal separation from the Love of God, the brilliant warm brightness of God’s light-
The evil of their souls no more on the earth to be a blight-

To humans who do not love evil and darkness-
Those who refuse the mark God will bless-

A new world will come, one where God is the light which will illuminate-
A world of humans who love each other and God instead of hate.

The Ole Dog!

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