BREAKING: Houston Health Dept Workers Caught on VIDEO Going Door-to-Door Asking Residents: “Have you been vaccinated?…Which one did you get?”

They should be identified by name and address so when the Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals are convened their mass murdering commie asses can be dragged before the court. So they can receive a fair expedient hanging for accessory to mass murder via loaded syringe. The Ole Dog! A stunning home security camera shows a team […]

HEADLINE-SHUNNED: 3 in 5 Killer Jabbed Americans say they will BAN un-Killer Jabbed relatives from family gatherings over the holidays

First, polls are bull shit and can be made to say anything the initiator wants them to. I took a statistics class in university where they explained how to load the questions and pick your target audience to get the answers and results you wanted, The “poll” associated with this headline has been done to […]