Public Health Scotland data shows 89% of COVID deaths over the past month occurred in the fully Jabbed-Zionist Speak to English Translation:-The Killer Jabs Are Killing People

The were four boys in my family. Three said no way Jose to the Killer Jabs. One said yes. Of the three unjabbed, two got “COVID”, recovered and now have natural immunity. The one got jabbed is dead. The Ole Dog! The latest data from Public Health Scotland revealed that a whopping 89 percent of […]

Associated Press now admits VACCINATED people are spreading COVID and filling hospitals, claims BOOSTER SHOTS are the answer

CDC has been forced to admit they have no record of, and no proof the unjabbed who have had “COVID”, recovered, have natural immunity of infecting even one other person after they have recovered. CDC Admits No Record Of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19 But they admit the Mad Cow Maxx Vaxxed are dying in droves, […]

Employee on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island delivers bombshell evidence against “prince” Andrew

Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were Bastards, sired by commoner fathers, not a Royal Plantagenet Father, (their mama was a slut) so therefore every “British Monarch” from the mid 1400s on have been FAKES, not legitimate. Thus the ole sea hag squatting at Buckingham on Public Assistance and her Pedoist spawn are FAKE […]